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Constitutional Law Paper 2013

Part-I (MCQs) (Compulsory)

1. The framers of the American Constitution adopted the method of __________ the powers between centre and the state government.
a. Balancing
b. Concentrating
c. Distributing
d. None of these

2. The Vice President of USA is also invited to attend the meetings of President’s Cabinet under __________.
a. Law
b. Constitution
c. Convention
d. None of these

3. Outstanding characteristics of American Constitution is __________ of the powers and functions of the three principal organs.
a. Amalgamation
b. Separation
c. Ameliorating
d. None of these

4. The newly elected President is inaugurated on 20th January since the passage of __________ amendment of the Constitution.
a. Seventeenth
b. Eleventh
c. Twentieth
d. None of these

5. The Presidential candidate losing a State election by even a narrow margin forfeits __________ the electorate votes of the States.
a. Half
b. All
c. Proportional
d. None of these

6. In UK the leadership of the House of Commons vests with the Prime Minister, whereas in USA the __________ leads the House of Representatives.
a. Lord Chancellor
b. Speaker
c. Kings Representative
d. None of these

7. The first Speaker known to have been chosen in 1377 was.
a. Sir William Martin
b. Sir Lowell Arnold
c. Thomas Hungerford
d. None of these

8. General Elections in UK are held within __________ of the dissolution of sitting parliament.
a. 90
b. 60
c. 20
d. None of these

9. The House of Lords has also to exercise __________ Jurisdiction.
a. Advisory
b. Appellate
c. Preemptive
d. None of these

10. The Court of Appeal in the system of British Judiciary was set up by an Act of 1907 to hear appeals from the verdict of jury.
a. Civil Proceedings
b. Matrimonial issues
c. Criminal Trial
d. None of these

11. The first chapter of the Constitution of France on __________ might well be called the “testament of De Gaullism”.
a. Sovereignty
b. President
c. Elections
d. None of these

12. Under the French Constitution, International Treaties are negotiated by the __________.
a. Parliamentary Council
b. Council of Premier
c. Executive Council
d. None of these

13. The Constitution of Russian Federation as approved by Boris Yelsin and later by a nation wide referendum came into force on __________.
a. December 12, 1993
b. December 15, 1993
c. December 17, 1993
d. None of these

14. Indian Federal Structure is under the exclusive subordination of __________.
a. President of India
b. Rajia Sabha
c. Council of Ministers of State
d. None of these

15. Precedents of Supreme Court of India are binding on:
a. High Courts
b. Constitutional Court of India
c. Courts created under Indian Act of 1935
d. None of these

16. Definition of the State Pakistan under Article – 7 of the Constitution of 1973 includes:-
a. Azad Kashmir
b. State Judiciary
c. Province of Punjab
d. None of these

17. Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) may be law admit __________ into the federation.
a. New State
b. Areas of High Seas
c. No Man Land
d. None of these

18. Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) were substituted for the world parliament by the __________.
a. Revival of the Constitution of 1973 Order 1985
b. Provisional Constitutional Order 1978
c. Laws Continuance Enforce Order 1999.
d. None of these

19. An act of “High Treason” shall only be validated by __________.
a. Parliamentary Commission
b. Supreme Court
c. President
d. None of these

20. Article __________ of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 deals with administration of Tribal Areas of Pakistan.
a. 201
b. 247
d. None of these


Q2) Discuss the maxim that England is ruled not by reason but by parliament.Answer with the support of logical arguments.

Q3) Discuss the mechanism provided in article 38 of the constitution of Pakistan 1973 for the promotion of social and economic well being of the people of akistan.

Q4) Compare the procedure of appointment of judges of the superior judiciary of Pakistan and India.

Q5) How would you compare the functions of American president with the president of French?

Q6) Discuss the proposal on reforms published by the Labour Govt in the white paper, in Nov 1968, on future of Lords?

Q7) The principle of Judicial Review has built its enclave stronger in almost all Constitutions of Democratic feature? Why it has been under criticism in legal circles of Pakistan?

Q8) Discuss the structure of Supreme court of Russian Federation?